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Over-reliance on cheimcal fertilizer

from:CITYMAX AGROCHEMICAL time:2017-12-07

1. Chemical fertilizers do not contain organic matter and humus, so after a large amount of fertilizer use, due to the lack of organic matter and humus, the soil aggregates are destroyed, resulting in soil compaction.

2. Chemical fertilizer utilization is low. For example, the nitrogen is volatile, the utilization rate is only 30%-50%; the chemical nature of phosphate fertilizer is lively, so the utilization rate is lower, only 10%-25%; and the utilization rate of potassium is only about 50%.

3. Crop growth needs a variety of trace elements, but the general composition of chemical fertilizer is simple. So it’s easy to make crop nutrition imbalance, reduce the quality of vegetables and fruits.

4. A large number of chemical fertilizer use will be easy to make vegetables in excess of nitrate content. Combined with other substances, the nitrate will form carcinogenic substances, which will endanger human health.

5. The extensive use of chemical fertilizers also results in the death of soil-beneficial bacteria and earthworms.

6. The long-term and inefficient application of chemical fertilizers often results in the excessive accumulation of some elements in soil and the change of soil physical and chemical properties, resulting in environmental pollution.

7. The more use of chemical fertiliser will result in worse geographical location, and then will cause more dependent on chemical fertilizer, which finish the formation of a vicious circle.

8. There are one-third of farmers in the country who over use chemical fertilizers. It increases the farmers' farming input, so that "increase production but does not increase teh input" phenomenon becomes more and more serious.

9. Excessive use of chemical fertilizer will make agricultural products poor character, easy to rot, and not easy to store.

10. Excessive use of chemical fertilizers easily lodging crops, resulting in food production, or the occurrence of pests and other.

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