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New Year Message: Go Across the Ocean of Time, Retain the Happiness

from:CITYMAX AGROCHEMICAL time:2018-01-23

To fly the greetings, finger sweeps the phone; to welcome the fresh sunshine, unlock the online bike. It is here where together with snow envelop and winter sunshine. The ground under our feet, is the place where we are living based on, China. Born here, grow up here, we will be certainly developing here. Standing on the top roof of Citymax head quarter, say it out aloud to the entire world with highest sincere and best wishes! Hello friend! Happy new year!

Right now, it is the time while technology developing in high speed. Alpa dog had beat Lee. what if the cloning technology no longer be blocked, what if the barriers has been broken, should superman appears and say hi to us? Everything starts from changing, changing starts from human’s nature which is chasing the better and better life. Thanks to the Chinese government continually pushing out new environmental protection policies, the whole field is facing restructuring and shuffling from time to time. my dear associates, my esteemed partners, are you ready for the challenge of this new age? In front of the surging ocean of time, can you hold a ticket to step on the sailing ark?

Change! With no time to delay! Citmax people are fighting to our best to play the roll of global organic fertilizer supplier. keep pace with the time, continually creating innovation.this year, molecular recombination, spay drying technology had been successfully deepen researched. This year, in order to response to the nation call, Citymax new plant had been built up with generally turns up of GMP standard fertilizer filling dust-free workshop.

This year, Citymax people is busy, our partners are busy. This is the time which we share together; this is the life which we weave together. Sweating acquires more than tears, standing is more powerful than siting. Maybe, sometimes, we failed, but dreaming never falls, just like the new sunshine arises everyday! Maybe,sometimes, pains burns our heart, but hope never falls, just like the eternal moonlight. The dream and the hope are not vague to us .it is the better and better life chasing, and the responsible and obligation holding.

No experience is in vain, no sigh without a sound. With steps all over the world, we are the witness to Citymax products be distributed all over the world. Bearing in mind constantly, there must be an echo, the good feedback of end users are the power we move forward!

Look back, the hometown where contains tearing childhood , and white hair flying in the wind mother . Between the time of hurries, slow down the steps, say it to ourselves: hard working! Fighting! And then continually get up early everyday, to run to the leaving metro, push or be pushed into the leaving bus, or driving into the red lighted car sea.

Best wishes for the partners who had been lost in the past time, wish you can find your happiness. Best wishes for the friends surrounds, wish you can lock the beauty in the ever-lasting changing and stable, and grab happiness in the replacement of certainty and uncertainty. Let’s hand out together, hold together to go across the ocean of time!

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