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The Contribution of Organic Fertilizer to Agriculture

from:CITYMAX AGROCHEMICAL time:2019-02-15

Organic fertilizer contains a variety of nutrients, rich in organic matter, can strengthen the activities of microorganisms, last fertilizer efficiency. Organic fertilizer not only can supply the need for crop nutrition, but also improve the soil water, heat and ventilation conditions, improve soil maturation. The large amount of CO2 released by organic fertilizer can be used for plant nutrition, and humus in organic fertilizer has the effect of stimulating plant growth and absorbing mineral nutrients.

The organic matter in the soil can remarkably improve the physical and chemical properties of soil, make the soil tillage better, water seepage ability enhanced, increase the ability of water storage, fertilizer retention, drought resistance and waterlogging, boost production obviously, which is not substitute for chemical fertilizers.


The main method of increasing soil organic matter is to increase the application of organic fertilizer. With the continuous development of agricultural modernization, the role of organic fertilizer in agricultural production has been paid more attention, the use of organic fertilizer to produce good taste, can effectively maintain fruit and vegetables, such as their own unique nutrition and tastes. Organic fertilizer not only can prevent the deterioration of ecological environment, improve environmental quality, but also play a great role in agricultural production.

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