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Use time of humic acid foliar fertilizer

from:CITYMAX AGROCHEMICAL time:2019-03-21

1. Humic acid foliar fertilizer can be sprayed when crops are deficient in nutrients, because the humic acid has a certain complexing property, which can activate trace elements such as iron, manganese, zinc and copper to promote better absorption of nutrients, and make crops return to normal growth.


2. The prominent role of humic acid in soil problems is to improve soil compaction and regulate soil problems, such as the use of humic acid can improve soil mechanism, improve soil fertility and prevent premature senescence due to inadequate nutrient absorption.


3. The use of humic acid foliar fertilizer in the occurrence of plant diseases and insect pests can improve the control effect of pesticides and supplement the deficiency of nutrient elements, so that crops can quickly resume normal growth and development.


4. When crops grow too long due to excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer, it is not easy to blossom and bear fruit or fall flowers, spraying humic acid foliar fertilizer can improve the physiological obstacles of crops, coordinate the vegetative growth and reproductive growth of plants, and help to obtain higher yields.

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