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Opportunities for organic fertilizers

from:CITYMAX AGROCHEMICAL time:2020-11-12

The evolution of agricultural practices, increased investment in R&D, and growing concerns about food safety due to increasing population are expected to provide an immense growth opportunity to the organic fertilizer market. 

Shifting the perception of farmers and consumers towards organic products is also expected to increase the growth of the organic fertilizer market over the anticipated period of time.


Market restrictions:

Lack of awareness about the benefits of organic fertilizers is hampering the growth of the market. In all developing and underdeveloped regions,

 farmers still use synthetic fertilizers as they are inexpensive and readily available on the market. For this, it is required that the manufacturers of organic fertilizers promote their product to position their product in this region. 

Therefore, a lack of awareness about the benefits of organic fertilizers is expected to hamper market growth.


Key takeaways:

On the basis of application, cereals and crops has dominated the global trend of the organic fertilizer market.

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